The holiday season is here. It’s exciting, it’s hectic, and let’s be real: sometimes, it’s just too much to manage. Also hectic and hard to manage? The explosion of content in the enterprise, ingested from more platforms, applications and in more formats than ever before. (I know, I know — but stay with me!)

To help with the latter, we launched Box Skills, a framework that brings machine learning innovations to content stored in Box to help extract content’s full value at scale. Our first skills — Image, Audio, and Video Intelligence — will automatically index your richest content with out-of-the-gift-box capabilities, and the extended Skills framework will allow for training and customization of Skills for your unique business processes.

And while we look to the new year, Box Skills is committed to future-proofing your investments in the nascent AI space: the Skills framework is designed to accommodate innovations in the functionality, accuracy and reliability of machine learning algorithms. This is critical: Forrester predicts that 75% of investments in AI to date will underwhelm, but the space will only see more massive growth (400% growth by 2020!), so any AI strategy needs to be flexible.

Since announcing Skills, we’ve been asking customers to dream up any and all ways they could apply machine learning to their content. We’ve collected thousands of use cases from every industry and size of organization, and I decided to compile my favorites into 12 Days of Box Skills (don’t worry, I won’t be singing them to you).

First day of Box Skills
Using Image Intelligence to make it easy for retail companies to automate management of photos for winter catalogs using object labeling!

Second day of Box Skills
Intelligent automation of processing of insurance claims: Whoville Insurance is processing claims after the Grinch’s present raid, and is using Box Skills to automatically index, classify, and trigger workflows involving the claim documents and image evidence.

Third day of Box Skills
Searching through thousands of hours of video footage to find that precise moment when Linus drops life wisdom during A Charlie Brown Christmas? Customers in M&E and beyond plan to use Skills to search and navigate through your videos with face and speech recognition.

Stay tuned for the rest of the 12 Days of Box Skills!

Dreaming up your own wish list of Skills? The Skills beta will kick off in early 2018, so get ahead of your 2018 New Year Resolutions and sign up here and share your use cases with @BoxHQ on Twitter!