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Fighting Financial Fraud with Targeted Friction

How Airbnb Battles Chargebacks while Minimizing Impact to Good Guests

On any given night, nearly two million people are staying in Airbnb listings in 191 countries around the world. The rapid growth of our global community is predicated on one …

Contextual Calendar Reminder: Key to Successful Hosting

By Tao Cui and Yuting Gu


Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere. So when hosts forget to update their calendars and are booked by guests on dates that don’t work, the host has

Measuring Transactional Integrity in Airbnb’s Distributed Payment Ecosystem


With rapidly emerging payments technologies, merchants face a continually evolving landscape when it comes to processing payment transactions. The advent of new value-add entities, such as payment gateways, has offered increasingly large benefits to merchants, providing simplification by offering

Server Rendering, Code Splitting, and Lazy Loading with React Router v4

Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash

“Godspeed those who attempt the server-rendered, code-split apps.”
 — Ryan Florence, Co-Creator of React Router

Challenge accepted.

Some Background on Server Rendering at Airbnb

Historically, Airbnb has been a Rails app. A few …

Smart Instant Book Filter: Book with Confidence

By Yi Hou, Li Fan & Tao Cui


People like it when things are fast. We want our deliveries within an hour, our downloads within a minute, and our news in an instant. That is why we need …

Building Services at Airbnb, Part 1:

A Structure for Scaling Service Development

By Liang Guo, Frank Lin, Junjie Guan

Airbnb is moving its infrastructure at an accelerated pace towards a SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), but moving from a monolithic Rails service towards a SOA …

Recent web performance fixes on Airbnb listing pages

We have been hard at work migrating the core booking flow into a single-page server-rendered app using React Router and Hypernova. At the beginning of the year, we rolled this out for the landing page and search results

Congratulations to three inspiring women at Airbnb being recognized by the Women of Color in STEM…

At Airbnb, we value the diversity of our workforce, our guests, our hosts, and the world around us. Today, we’d like to congratulate three inspiring women who will be recognized as rising stars in their fields at the upcoming Women

Prototyping with React VR

At Airbnb, we’ve been using React to build user interfaces for our website since 2014. React has radically changed our approach to building UI, and we’ve been active contributors to the open source community with projects such as Enzyme,

Accelerating Services at Airbnb by Building — and Open Sourcing — a Blazing Fast Thrift Binding for…

Achieving Bare-Metal Performance in Ruby

Writing performant code in Ruby can be difficult due to its dynamic nature: unlike lower-level languages where the idiom is zero-cost-abstractions, pretty much everything in a dynamic language is expensive. As such, it was …

BinaryAlert: Real-time Serverless Malware Detection

Example Use Cases

  • Enterprise alerting: Find malware infections on laptops and servers by analyzing executable binaries.
  • Email attachments: Identify malicious documents sent to your organization.
  • User uploads: Detect when a user uploads a malicious file to your application.
  • Security research:

Building Mixed-Language iOS Project with Buck

Flag -import-underlying-module Does Not Work

The-import-underlying-module build flag causes implicit imports of Objective-C files into Swift, within the same module. This flag unfortunately doesn’t work with Buck.

When Xcode generates frameworks, it generates module.modulemap and .hmap header map files …

Using Machine Learning to Predict Value of Homes On Airbnb


Data products have always been an instrumental part of Airbnb’s service. However, we have long recognized that it’s costly to make data products. For example, personalized search ranking enables guests to more easily discover homes, and smart pricing allows …

Helping Guests Make Informed Decisions with Market Insights

Two common decisions that our guests are making are:

  1. Should I book now for better availability or later for better flexibility?
  2. Which of the listings should I book?

As the service provider, we have broad views of the entire market …

Writing fast, deterministic and accurate Android Integration tests

Our choice for Android UI tests is Espresso, which is arguably the best, most popular and recommended library for writing integration tests. However, the extra confidence provided by a solid test suite can be quickly affected by flaky tests …

Unlocking Test Performance — Migrating from Mocha to Jest

We’d been using Mocha at Airbnb since September 2013, but due to increasing growing pains, we’ve recently migrated from Mocha to Jest. The migration actually turned out to require minimal changes to our tests and infrastructure, and provided a

Selection Bias in Online Experimentation

What Is It?

As a statistician who moved to work in data science in industry less than two years ago, it is inspiring to see the almost universal adoption of experimentation to guide product and business decisions. Statistical inference and …

How Airbnb Democratizes Data Science With Data University

By Jeff Feng, Erin Coffman & Elena Grewal


Data is essential to us at Airbnb. We characterize data as the voice of our users at scale. Thus, data science plays the role of an interpreter — we use …