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AVA: The Art and Science of Image Discovery at Netflix

Authored by — Madeline, Lauren, Boris, Tim, Parth, Eugene and Apurva


At Netflix, the Content Platform Engineering and Global Product Creative teams know that imagery plays an incredibly important role in how viewers find …

Fast JSON API serialization with Ruby on Rails

by Shishir Kakaraddi, Srinivas Raghunathan, Adam Gross and Ryan Johnston

We are pleased to announce the open source release of the Fast JSON API gem geared towards Ruby on Rails applications.


Fast JSONAPI is aimed at providing …

Scaling Time Series Data Storage — Part I


The growth of internet connected devices has led to a vast amount of easily accessible time series data. Increasingly, companies are interested in mining this data to derive useful insights and make data-informed decisions. Recent technology advancements have improved …

Netflix Now Supports HDR on Windows 10

by Maria Kazandjieva, Greg Freedman, Matt Trunnell

We are thrilled to announce the addition of High Dynamic Range (HDR) support on Windows 10 for both the Edge browser and the Netflix app. With this update, Netflix members who have a

Integrating imperative APIs into a React application

by Sriram Rao

The Netflix TV app plays videos not only when users choose to watch a title, but also while browsing to find something great to enjoy. When we rewrote our TV user interface in React, we set …

Distributing Content to Open Connect

By Mohit Vora, Andrew Berglund, Videsh Sadafal, David Pfitzner, and Ellen Livengood

In previous posts we’ve talked about how we calculate, predict, and use content popularity for Open Connect to maximize the efficiency of our content delivery network and other …

Implementing Japanese Subtitles on Netflix

Japanese subtitles were first made available on the Netflix service as a part of the Japanese launch in September 2015. This blog post provides a technical description of the work we did leading up to this launch. We cover topics

Artwork Personalization at Netflix

By Ashok Chandrashekar, Fernando Amat, Justin Basilico and Tony Jebara

For many years, the main goal of the Netflix personalized recommendation system has been to get the right titles in front each of our members at the right …

Using Interleaving in Online Experiments to Accelerate Algorithm Innovation at Netflix

By Juliette Aurisset, Michael Ramm, Joshua Parks

The Netflix experience is powered by a family of ranking algorithms, each optimized for a different purpose. For instance, the Top Picks row on the homepage makes recommendations based on a …

Making it easier to contribute to Netflix OSS

by Travis McPeak and Andrew Spyker

Contributing to open source software can be a very rewarding experience that creates opportunities to learn about new problems and technologies, apply problem solving skills, meet and work with new people, and join a

Updates on Netflix’s Container Management Platform

We continue to share lessons learned from scheduling and executing containers in production at scale. This blog posts summarizes not only recent publications on our container management platform (Project Titus) but also future collaboration opportunities.



We …

Netflix at AWS re:Invent 2017

by Jason Chan

Netflix is excited to be heading back to Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent at the end of the month! Many Netflix engineers and recruiters will be in attendance, and we’re looking forward to meeting and reconnecting with …

Machine Learning Platform meetup

Recap of the Oct 2017 ML Platform meetup at Netflix HQ

By Faisal Siddiqi

Machine Learning is making fast inroads into many areas of business and is being employed in an increasingly widening array of commercial applications. At Netflix, ML …

Developer Experience Lessons Operating a Serverless-like Platform At Netflix — Part II

By Ludovic Galibert, Vasanth Asokan and Sangeeta Narayanan

In Part 1 of this series, we outlined key learnings the Edge Developer Experience team gained from operating the API dynamic scripting platform which provides a serverless or FaaS like experience …

Serving 100 Gbps from an Open Connect Appliance

By Drew Gallatin

In the summer of 2015, the Netflix Open Connect CDN team decided to take on an ambitious project. The goal was to leverage the new 100GbE network interface technology just coming to market in order to be …

Scaling Event Sourcing for Netflix Downloads, Episode 2

by Karen Casella, Phillipa Avery, Robert Reta, Joseph Breuer

In the first episode of this series of posts, we introduced the Netflix downloads project and the use cases that led us to consider a solution based on …

Scaling Event Sourcing for Netflix Downloads, Episode 1

by Karen Casella, Phillipa Avery, Robert Reta, Joseph Breuer

Early in 2016, several Netflix teams were asked the question: “What would it take to allow members to download and view content offline on their mobile devices?”

For …

Netflix Hack Day — Summer 2017

by Daniel Jacobson, Ruslan Meshenberg, Leslie Posada, and Tom Richards

About a week ago, Netflix hosted another great Hack Day. The event gives Netflix employees a chance to take a break from everyday work, have fun, experiment …

A Brief History of Open Source from the Netflix Cloud Security Team

by Jason Chan

This summer marks three years of releasing open source software for the Netflix Cloud Security team. It’s been a busy three years — our most recent release marks 15 open source projects — so we figured a

Starting the Avalanche

Application DDoS In Microservice Architectures

By Scott Behrens and Bryan Payne


We’d like to introduce you to one of the most devastating ways to cause service instability in modern micro-service architectures: application DDoS. A specially crafted application DDoS attack …

ChAP: Chaos Automation Platform

We are excited to announce ChAP, the newest member of our chaos tooling family! Chaos Monkey and Chaos Kong ensure our resilience to instance and regional failures, but threats to availability can also come from disruptions at the microservice level. …

Developer Experience Lessons Operating a Serverless-like Platform at Netflix

By Vasanth Asokan, Ludovic Galibert and Sangeeta Narayanan

The Netflix API is based on a dynamic scripting platform that handles thousands of changes per day. This platform allows our client developers to create a customized API experience on over …

Neflix Platform Engineering — we’re just getting started

“Aren’t you done with every interesting challenge already?”

I get this question in various forms a lot. During interviews. At conferences, after we present on some of our technologies and practices. At meetups and social events.

You have fully migrated

Content Popularity for Open Connect

By Mohit Vora, Lara Deek, Ellen Livengood

There are many reasons why Netflix cares about the popularity of our TV shows and movies. On the Open Connect Content Delivery team, we predict content popularity to maximize our infrastructure efficiency.

Some …

A/B Testing and Beyond: Improving the Netflix Streaming Experience with Experimentation and Data…

by Nirmal Govind

Golden Globes for The Crown. An Oscar win for The White Helmets. It’s an exciting time to be a Netflix member, with the power to stream such incredible content on a Smart TV or a …

Evolving the Netflix Data Platform with Genie 3

by Tom Gianos

The big data space continues to change at a rapid pace. Data scientists and analysts have more tools than ever at their disposal whether it be Spark, R, Presto, or traditional engines like Hive and Pig.

At …

Simone – A Distributed Simulation Service

By Satyajit Thadeshwar, Mayank Agarwal, Sangeeta Narayanan & Kevin Lew

Hundreds of models of smart TVs, game consoles, mobile devices, and other video streaming devices get shipped with a Netflix app pre-installed. Before shipping these devices, manufacturers need …

Introducing Aardvark and Repokid

AWS Least Privilege for Distributed, High-Velocity Development

by Jason Chan, Patrick Kelley, and Travis McPeak



Today we are pleased to announce two new open-source cloud security tools from Netflix: Aardvark and Repokid. Used together, these tools are …

Spinnaker Orchestration

Author: Rob Fletcher

When the Spinnaker project first started more than two years ago we implemented Orca — Spinnaker’s orchestration engine µservice — using Spring Batch. It wasn’t an entirely unreasonable fit at the time. It gave us atomic, compartmentalized …